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Viagra Manufacturer

Viagra was developed and is manufactured by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in New York, USA. Pfizer has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 150 years and was founded in 1849 by cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart from Germany. The pharmaceutical company was started with a $2,500 loan that was borrowed from Pfizerís father which allowed the cousins to purchase a warehouse in Manhattan.

In the early years the company management was concentrated in the 3 main families, the Pfizers, the Erharts and the Andersons. These entrepreneurs turned a small chemical company into the largest producer of penicillin in the world, with many medical breakthroughs making innovative medicines for humans and animals.

Their first product was Santonin which was used to treat intestinal worms that was common in the 19th century. The original Santonin was very bitter but with Erharts confectionary background they mixed the compound with almond toffee and shaped it. The new Santonin was a great success.

During the Civil War (1861-1865) the demand for painkillers, disinfectants and preservatives rose dramatically, so Pfizer increased itís production of tartaric acid, cream of tartar, iodine, morphine, chlorophorm and campher.

In 1880 they were the largest producer of citric acid in the world which can be used in various applications. It was in 1919 they then discovered a new way to manufacture citric acid as the source for the raw materials in Europe was becoming more unstable after the 1st World War. This was a method using mold fermentation of sugar. The work that they carried out in the production of citric acid using mold fermentation lead Alexander Fleming to discover the germ killing properties of penicillium, a secretion of mold. As the Western world engaged in World War II it was clear that Pfizer needed to increase their production of Penicilin. The reason why Pfizer is so successful is that they are prepared to invest heavily in a product in terms of production plants, research and development personnel and years testing before they are happy with the quality of the end product.

Pfizer have released many medicines onto the market to treat ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, depression, heart disease and fungal infections. Some of their most popular medicines are Diflucan, Norvasc, Feldene and Procardia. Their profile internationally rose enormously when in 1998, sildenafil citrate, or more commonly know by itís trademark, Viagra, was released onto the market. It itís early days Viagra was only available from you local doctor on prescription which made people slightly relunctant to get it as this meant having a consultation face-to-face with a doctor about their impotence problems. In recent years the ability to buy Viagra online from reputable sites who have teams of doctors working with them to check medical details, makes millions of men in the world much happier and able to once again have an active sex life.