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Effects of Viagra

One of the biggest myths about Viagra is that it is an aphrodisiac, well it is not. If a man takes a Viagra pill nothing will happen unless he is stimulated. The compound of sildenafil citrate will enable the blood to flow into the penis but the process of getting an erection is also controlled by the brain as well. It normally will take about 30 minutes for the Viagra to start working as the medication is absorbed into the blood stream and it should be about this time that the man should start some sort of stimulation. Of course the person who is taking Viagra, often for the first time, may be very nervous and may have also had many unsuccessful attempts at getting stimulated in the past. Many men will have suffered from erectile dysfunction or impotence for a long time before they have decided to get help. The hype around Viagra has made it seem like a wonder drug that will cause erections immediately and will mean that you can have sex for hours, which is why some men are disappointed by their experience. Pfizer does recommend that the sufferer of erectile dysfunction or impotence tries Viagra at least 5 or 6 times before they give up as the patient needs to find out what helps with the stimulation and also has to learn how to relax during sexual intercourse again. There are millions of men who have suffered with impotence for many years secretly that have started using Viagra and will never go without it.