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Viagra is fast becoming the most renowned drug in the world as itís popularity spreads. Everyone will be familiar with the diamond shaped blue pill that possesses the powers to give men with impotence or erectile dysfunction the ability to have sexual intercourse again. The effectiveness of Viagra, the impotence drug, has made it prove a very popular solution for men who have suffered for many years, often in silence, with erectile dysfunction. It is a common misconception that even though Viagra is widely publicised, people still do not have much understanding as to what Viagra really does or what the Viagra experience is all about. At we aim to inform you of all the key aspects of Viagra from how it was invented, to what it actually feels like to take Viagra.

Some brief facts for you initially are that Viagra was approved by the FDA on March 27th 1998, so has only been around a relatively short time. Even though Viagra is only a relatively new drug, the fact that so many men around the world have some form of impotence and want to be able to overcome it, means that today over 20 million men in the world are using Viagra. Also because Viagra is not a cure to a manís impotence, because this is likely to be caused by another health issue, this means that every time a man wants to have an erection he will need another Viagra tablet. Since it was the first oral pill available for the treatment of impotence, Viagra has become the most popular.